TAFE Outreach programs are closely aligned to the Federal Social Inclusion Agenda ensuring NSW education is accessible to people who face barriers to learning including geographical and social isolation, language and cultural factors, financial hardship, lack of educational confidence, being unaware of opportunities to learn, a disability or family commitments.


The Education and Employment Pathways Program
This course was specifically aimed at creating Education and Employment Pathways for those students who normally would not experience high levels of success in mainstream courses.
The specific modules chosen were:
General Course

  • Education and Employment Options
  • (including engage in or find suitable work experience opportunities)
  • Integrated Project
  • Skills for  Assertiveness
  • Sustainable Gardens segment
  • Horticulture Workplace Health and Safety
  • Gardening Fundamentals
The course was tailored to reflect the direct needs of students and the national strategy for employment creation. These elements are presented in a unique and innovative format providing not only job seeking activities but real life work experience opportunities in their own local community.

The course provides an integrated and holistic approach to the barriers to employment and will generate placement outcomes either to work or further study.

Raised bed for people with back injuries
or people in a wheelchair

No dig garden